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    Would you like to enjoy all the light and beauty nature has to offer without giving away any of the indoor comforts of your home? Here at CPP Home Builders & Remodeling, we can enhance your property with a gorgeous sunroom addition on Cape Cod that will not only serve as your go-to spot for relaxation, work, study, and spending time with guests and loved ones, but also increase the overall appeal and value of your house.

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    We have a crew of seasoned and knowledgeable experts who view every job as a chance to create a work of art that stands the test of time. Simply describe your ideas to us and determine a budget, and we’ll take it from there. From enclosed porches and patio enclosures, to full four- and three-season sunrooms, you can count on us to treat every detail of your project on Cape Cod in a highly professional and meticulous manner.

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    Also known as solariums, patio rooms, outdoor enclosures, and sun porches, sunrooms are enclosed structures with window-like walls and screened openings that can be closed or opened as needed. Although they’re typically attached to a home, they can also be constructed as their own separate buildings. Whatever your needs and ideas may be, our crew will bring them to life using high-quality materials and craftsmanship that ensure excellent value for decades to come.

    We help our clients make their homes truly their own

    If you intend to stay at your current house for the foreseeable future, it really pays to ensure it’s fully in line with your family’s needs. We can help you do just that by not only providing you with a modern sunroom addition, but also by making your other home improvement ideas a reality. Whether you’re looking to completely remodel your home, bump out your kitchen, or add an entire second floor, you can’t go wrong by giving CPP Home Builders & Remodeling a call.

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    Our 3-step process has yielded great results time and time again

    1. Preliminary consultation

    We’ll start by organizing an on-site consultation at your home. We’ll use this opportunity to take a look at your property and learn about your ideas, wishes, and must-haves for your project. We’ll help you set a budget, select the most suitable materials and products, and offer our own input on how your project could be optimized to meet your requirements.

    2. Customized design

    We’ll prepare a number of early designs for your project and present them to you during our second meeting. We’ll further polish these designs with your assistance until we arrive at one you’re happy with. Once we’ve agreed on a final plan and a starting date, we’ll provide a Construction Contract Agreement for you to sign.

    3. Construction

    Our builders will plan, coordinate, and construct your new sunroom using resilient and eye-catching materials. All tasks will be carried out in accordance with accepted construction methodologies and comply with local health and safety standards on Cape Cod. Upon completion, we’ll ask your permission to include photos of your new sunroom in our online catalog.

    Could Your Cape Cod Home Use a Little More Sun?

      Frequently Asked Questions

      And how. A sunroom addition enables homeowners on Cape Cod to enjoy all of the perks of outdoor living without any of the drawbacks. This type of project also adds unique functionality and increases the total square footage of your property, both of which can boost its appeal and value on the real estate market.

      It does. This is especially the case if you want your sunroom to have electrical services and/or supplemental heating and cooling. These foundations usually take the form of floating concrete slabs with shallow perimeter foundations, similar to what would be used for a garage.

      This depends entirely on your personal needs and preferences. A 14-by-18 foot sunroom addition tends to be sufficient for most households on Cape Cod, while an 18-by-18 foot area is spacious enough to fit large amenities such as couches, recliners, end tables, and even TVs.

      Like all construction projects, constructing a sunroom on Cape Cod can vary widely in their price. Key factors to consider include their size and complexity, materials and products used, whether additional changes are made to the design after the work is already underway, and so on. To obtain an accurate quote, schedule a free consultation today.

      The exact value a sunroom addition will add to your home on Cape Cod varies depending on your specific house and project. Feel free to contact us and schedule an on-site visit and consultation so that we can give you an estimate and help you make the most of this home addition.

      Depending on the scope of the project and other factors, building a sunroom may take between two and twelve weeks to be completed. After a visit from your contractors, you should get a more accurate duration of the project.

      As with any home improvement project, a sunroom should be planned out carefully so that you and your family are happy with the final result. What you should do is:

      • Figure out what you’ll use the sunroom for
      • Establish your budget
      • Brainstorm and look for ideas about the design, layout, features, etc.
      • Find a top-rated company to make your dream house

      CPP Home Builders & Remodeling is a reputable company that specializes in providing a comprehensive array of home renovation and expansion services on Cape Cod as well as an array of professional home addition services. Looking to upgrade your property with a new living room addition or double the size of your home with an expert second story addition? Perhaps you’d like to bump-out or otherwise expand your cooking area? We can meet all those needs and more.

      Get in touch with us and request your no-obligation consultation today. Whether your property is located in Chatham, Nantucket Sound, or any other community in the vicinity, our crew is just a few clicks away!