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Want a new space for cooking & entertaining guests?

    Get an original, luxurious, and practical cooking space

    CPP Home Builders & Remodeling on Cape Cod is a popular kitchen addition company across the area. With plenty of experience and reliable methods, our team will be an excellent ally in your pursuit of stylish and functional home improvements. Equipped with trendy features, high-tech appliances, and top-quality materials, your brand-new kitchen addition will be the talk of the town. Our kitchen design and build services on Cape Cod will amaze you.

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    Our kitchen addition services make use of proven methods

    Our kitchen addition contractors on Cape Cod follow a set of time-tested procedures to ensure your home gets a sophisticated upgrade. We take your ideas and turn them into a gorgeous, fully functional space with resilient tile walls and flooring, sturdy cabinets, eye-catching fixtures, and an overall elevated style that matches your preferences.

    Our crew consists of educated designers and skilled builders who’ll carry out every step of the process carefully and diligently. We’ll first consult with you about every detail of the project. Then, we’ll develop comprehensive plans and submit them to you. After we have your green light, our construction team will get to work and construct it from refined, durable materials.

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    Your kitchen is far from the only area we can expand

    We’re highly versatile when it comes to the types of expansions we can add to your Cape Cod property. Need a new sunroom, bathroom, or in-law suite? How about doubling or even tripling the size of your home by adding one or two extra floors? We can also bump out virtually any part of your house, convert garages into entirely different spaces, and even construct 100% self-contained structures. With us, the possibilities are only limited by your available space.

    Choose custom styles & features for your kitchen addition

    Creating a kitchen addition from scratch opens up a broad scope of exciting possibilities. For example, you could update your home on Cape Cod with a sleek modern design, ornamental traditional space, or eclectic, quirky solutions. This is up to you to decide and up to us to make happen.

    We offer multiple options when it comes to every facet of your new design, so don’t be afraid to mix, match, and experiment. With our helpful designers by your side, you’ll reach decisions that will fit your needs and tastes.

    Your stylish kitchen addition is just around the corner

    Schedule a meeting with our designers in a matter of minutes. Let’s put your ideas into practice and create stunning solutions.

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    Why we’re the preferred kitchen addition company on Cape Cod

    We provide excellence across the board

    1. Custom Planning

    Reach out to us for an on-site consultation. After we get a better idea of the kind of the kitchen design you’re after, we’ll develop it into an in-depth plan for our builders to follow.

    2. Multistep Approach

    Your kitchen addition or expansion will unfold efficiently and smoothly thanks to the coordination of our team members and our proven practices.

    3. Well-rounded service

    Apart from providing ongoing assistance and working tirelessly to meet your requirements, we also offer perks like handy financing options.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes, most floor plans allow for a kitchen addition to be built. If you lack space in your current room, you could consider bumping it out to boost its functionality. There may also be a possibility of converting a part of your home, like a basement. 

      If you aren’t sure if this type of project is feasible in your situation, it’s best to contact us and schedule an in-home consultation. Our company will give you expert suggestions so you can reach the best decision for your home on Cape Cod.

      Kitchen bump-outs or kitchen expansions are a special type of addition that slightly increases the size of your cooking area by expanding it into the available space in your backyard or side yard. As long as there’s enough space, any room that has at least one exterior wall can be bumped out.

      Some homeowners want a smaller spare cooking space for guests or elderly family members planning to move in. Other households on Cape Cod benefit from having an outdoor kitchen in addition to their regular one, so they can enjoy their meals in the fresh air. If this appeals to you, get in touch with us for tailored services and original design.

      It’s important to make sure you have permission for your kitchen addition before plunging into the project. Your kitchen addition contractors will be aware of all local building codes and regulations on Cape Cod and make sure you’re not violating anything. If you also need to apply for permits from the city or county that you live in, the professional in charge of your project will notify you.

      Since every kitchen addition is different, it’s necessary for your contractors to assess the situation and provide you with a cost estimate. However, it’s certain that your new upgrade will bring you added convenience and the attention of prospective buyers if you’re planning to sell.

      This depends on elements of the design, such as:

      • The size
      • The complexity of the plan
      • The quality of the materials you choose
      • Your specific requests 

      Give us a call so we can meet and discuss the details of your kitchen addition services on Cape Cod. We’ll be happy to offer a free quote.

      From the size of your kitchen, the addition type, the scope of the project, and the crew you hire, the duration of the project varies. It’s best to ask about the project duration after the inspection of your home because your remodelers will get the necessary info and your wishes and preferences.

      If your kitchen addition project is such that you cannot use your cooking space for some time, you may want to have a backup plan. Here are some useful tips until you can fully enjoy your home on Cape Cod again:

      • Meal prep for a few days and keep the meals in the fridge
      • Freeze some meals and foods
      • Stock up on easy-to-make meals that don’t require the appliances not available to you
      • Prepare food and/or eat at a neighbor’s or friend’s house
      • Eat out
      • Order food
      • Set up a temporary cooking space in a different room
      • Grill food in your backyard

      Whether you’re planning a kitchen addition or another type of remodeling, the choice of the company handling it is of utmost importance. The team you go with will affect your home improvement project’s quality, duration, cost, and so much more.

      To make sure your home on Cape Cod gets the best in the business, ask for these details:

      • Years of experience
      • Certifications and licenses
      • Insurance
      • Client testimonials
      • Reviews and ratings
      • Portfolios
      • Warranties

      CPP Home Builders & Remodeling is one of the most trusted home addition companies on Cape Cod. Our team has vast experience in performing quality room additions to spruce up your property, including:

      Call to discuss the renovation of your home in Chatham or go over the different options for your remodeling project in Orleans. We’re here to help!