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CPP Home Builders & Remodeling constructs stylish and functional room additions across the area. Serving the entire Cape Cod region, including Chatham, Wellfleet, Mashpee, Orleans, Yarmouth, Barnstable, Falmouth, Eastham, Sandwich, Truro, Provincetown, Harwich, Brewster, and Dennis, our trusted room addition contractors are ready to bring your vision to life. Whichever room addition you’re considering, we can transform your typical home into a unique one.

As a design-build company, we offer a one-stop-shop experience. We’ll transform your existing space, increase your square footage, and follow your exact instructions. We’ll design and build your new living space to meet your needs and budget be it in a traditional style or a more modern, minimalistic variant.

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When your home starts to feel crowded, whether due to a growing family, the need for extra space for aging parents, or accommodating out-of-town guests, a tailored room addition becomes a cost-effective solution with numerous benefits. Whether you need an extra bathroom or a family room addition for your Cape Cod home, or a kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even a suite addition, we can build exactly what you need.

We provide customer-focused services to ensure your house is a welcoming, functional home that you’ll love for a lifetime. Entrust your home and the comfort of your family to our local, family-owned business and our trusted room addition contractors.

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We offer full-service concept-to-completion room additions on Cape Cod. Our design-build experts will conceptualize and construct your upgrade based on your wishes. We’ll discuss your needs and ideas and then create new construction that checks every box on your wishlist. No matter the size of the project, our team can handle it, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Master suites
  • Bedrooms
  • Family rooms
  • Laundry room
  • In-law apartments
  • Sunrooms
  • Living room
  • Garage conversions
  • Dormers
  • Bump-out additions

No matter what type of expansion you’re considering for your home, make us your first call.

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modern extension and addition of an existing house

Bedrooms are personal sanctuaries and storage hubs, places where we enjoy comfort and solitude. Recognizing the significance of this personal space and the need to upgrade it, we offer everything from revitalizing decor, reshaping layouts, and full bedroom additions to homeowners in Barnstable, Chatham, Yarmouth, and the surrounding Cape Cod communities.

Whether you’re dreaming of a simple makeover or a master bedroom addition in Bourne, Eastham, or Mashpee with an ensuite for privacy and ease, our expert team is equipped to turn that vision into reality. With us, you set the vision and budget and watch as we elevate your home’s value and functionality. Enjoy enhanced privacy, comfort, and a space truly tailored to your desires.

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Having spacious and highly functional bathrooms is more than just a matter of convenience – it’s necessary to meet the needs of a growing family. With a goal of transforming these spaces, we deliver all-encompassing and personalized bathroom additions in Yarmouth, Falmouth, Dennis, Wellfleet, and across Cape Cod. Choose from an array of options for aesthetics and functionality – be it heated flooring, ADA-compliant fixtures, or strategic plumbing changes.

Whether you’re imagining a revamped interior, desiring a dedicated hot tub spot, or planning an expansive bathroom addition in Truro, Sandwich, Orleans, or another location, our skilled contractors ensure your vision becomes reality without straining your budget or timeline. Trust in our dedication to quality construction and materials, ensuring your added space not only meets but also exceeds expectations for years to come.

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A family room is a place to bond, entertain, and create memories. Our family room additions transform your house in Provincetown, Eastham, Mashpee, or elsewhere on Cape Cod with luxurious and spacious areas tailored for relaxation and socializing. Whether you envision a brand-new room or an expansion of an existing space in Brewster or Barnstable, our adept team ensures a seamless execution that matches your aspirations.

By partnering with esteemed brands and suppliers, we guarantee top-tier materials to ensure a result that truly resonates with you. Our skilled and dedicated professionals are driven to deliver family room additions in Harwich, Mashpee, and Yarmouth that bring more space and enhance your lifestyle.

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Transforming a house into a home starts with the living room – the space of comfort, style, and functionality. This is where our living room addition company, serving Orleans, Sandwich, Truro, Harwich, Eastham, and other Cape Cod areas, comes in. We masterfully expand and craft spaces that elevate everyday experiences. Our unique designs, made with high-end materials, ensure you have the perfect space to relax and host.

Beginning with a comprehensive consultation, our reliable living room addition contractors in Bourne, Wellfleet, and Chatham tailor these spaces to your exact wishes. We handle every phase of the project with minimal disruption, using top-notch equipment and techniques. Customize your space further with our broad spectrum of styles, shades, and finishes, ensuring your living room addition truly reflects your personal style.

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Every culinary area deserves an artful blend of style and function. With each kitchen addition our company performs in Harwich, Brewster, Bourne, Yarmouth, and throughout Cape Cod, we have a goal of transforming a simple culinary area into a masterpiece. Our focus is on delivering spaces equipped with the latest features, high-tech appliances, and quality materials, ensuring both practicality and luxury.

Whether you dream of resilient tile walls and floors, elegant cabinets, or eye-catching fixtures, our kitchen addition services in Truro and Provincetown promise to create a space that stands out. Choose from a vast range of styles – from modern minimalism to ornate traditional designs, knowing each one is carefully tailored to fit your individual tastes and needs.

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Suites are not just rooms, they’re personalized spaces designed to meet specific needs and provide unparalleled comfort. As a trusted suite addition company in Wellfleet, Mashpee, Dennis, Bourne, and other Cape Cod cities, we ensure every space we craft aligns perfectly with your desires. From performing aging-in-place upgrades to transforming an old room into a dedicated sanctuary, leave it in our capable hands.

Our suite addition contractors in Barnstable, Chatham, and Yarmouth adhere to a refined, streamlined process. Starting with an in-depth consultation at your home, we meticulously refine designs to embody your unique preferences, walking you through each phase. Whether it’s independence or a mix of style and functionality you seek, these essentials are always at the top of our priorities.

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1. Full customization

Our custom-designed room additions on Cape Cod can fulfill a wide range of needs. Generate more usable space, add a recreational area, increase your garage space, put in a much-needed guest room or often a full bathroom — the options are endless and we can help you bring them to life.

2. Streamlined process

From the initial meeting to planning your design followed by the execution and cleanup, we’ve perfected every step of our process to suit you. Our team will demonstrate what extensive experience, knowledge, and commitment can produce for your home.

3. Complete support

We have licensed construction professionals with years of experience. They’ll design custom plans to suit your needs and budget. We also offer a craftsmanship guarantee on all of our work as well as flexible financing with attractive terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A personalized expansion is the best way to spruce up your house and get more space without having to move from your home on Cape Cod. Many homeowners consider it to be far superior to looking for a suitable new house or changing neighborhoods.

Room additions can be fully tailored to meet your preferences and requirements whether you need an extra children’s bedroom, an in-law suite, or a whole new second story. With reputable contractors by your side, your investment will certainly pay off.

There are many different kinds of expansions that you could consider for your Cape Cod home, like:

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Master suite
  • In-law suite
  • Second story
  • Sunroom
  • Basement, garage, or attic conversion
  • Smaller bump-outs, and more

Consider your needs carefully before you decide on the kind of project you’d like to do. Once you’ve figured out the general direction you’d like to go for, contact reputable builders who’ll help your ideas take their final form.

Dependable room addition contractors on Cape Cod meet multiple strict criteria, such as:

  • Having years of experience
  • A team of trained and licensed builders
  • Implementing a comprehensive design-build system
  • Providing a wide range of services
  • Offering a craftsmanship warranty
  • Having versatile financing options

The cost of your project on Cape Cod will vary according to the exact type and scope of the project as well as the complexity of the work and the materials you opt for. Since it’s impossible to say exactly without knowing the specifics, it’s best to contact us and schedule your consultation. Our experts will then evaluate your needs and offer you a price estimate.

Whether your home will benefit more from building a room addition upwards or outward depends on different factors. Typically, building out is much easier and cheaper. For an upward room addition, more materials and labor are needed, as well as multiple permits.

Ultimately, it’s your decision, but it’s best to consult experienced contractors such as our team at CPP Home Builders & Remodeling.

If you want to increase the square footage of your house, a bump-out may be for you. Since it’s a minor addition, the project is not as demanding or expensive as large room additions.

Skipping a full-scale addition and going for a bump-out will still give you the same perks, such as getting more space and a property value increase.

The right size of a family home depends on your house, number of family members, and your needs and preferences. Typically, a family room may be 12×18 or 20×20 feet, but this is up to you.

Feel free to contact us, and our seasoned contractors will evaluate your needs, help you make a decision, and provide an estimate so that your Cape Cod house looks just the way you pictured it.

CPP Home Builders & Remodeling is a reputable company with a long track record of expertise-based exterior house remodeling across Cape Cod. We’ll enhance the functionality and appearance of your space in Chatham, Sandwich, Barnstable, Yarmouth, Falmouth, Provincetown, Eastham, Mashpee, Orleans, Truro, Harwich, Brewster, Wellfleet, Dennis, Bourne, another city in the area without hassle.

Apart from handling bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, suite, family, living, and other room additions, we can also perform many other general construction services, including the construction of tailored house additions throughout Cape Cod. Reach out to us to schedule your consultation!