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    Sturdy materials, spaciousness, and practicality are considered the three most crucial qualities of any residence. Whether you’re living a single lifestyle or you’re a growing family, your new property should meet all these requirements. At CPP Home Builders & Remodeling, our crew of house builders has been creating unique and cost-effective new home construction across Cape Cod for many years. Leave it up to our experienced specialists to bring your residential project to life.

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    By engaging our seasoned new home construction contractors and custom home builders near you, you’ll be able to start fresh without compromising on quality. With most vacant lots, the sky’s the limit. When you sit with our designers, we’ll get acquainted with your concept and ideas and work together to build your home just like you imagined it. The final result should include comfort, practicality, full design control, quality materials, and optimal use of the available space.

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    Our team of experts is capable of pulling off any type of project on Cape Cod, from designing the general layout of your new home construction, planning the electrical and plumbing work, to adding ADUs, lofty recreational spaces, second story constructions, and bump-outs. Whether you’re planning a house with several guestrooms, an open plan layout for your family, or a small single-story home for your retirement—the choices are endless, and our experts can help.

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    When you are designing your new home, you don’t have to do it on your own. Our talented team of designers and house builders at Cape Property Pros know how to implement cutting-edge technology and use sturdy materials to create your custom home. To determine how we can help you with your new construction build or a full-scale remodel, give us a call or schedule an on-site consultation using the online form below:

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    1. Face-to-face consultation

    We focus on providing you with the most positive experience. It all begins with an on-site consultation at your selected location on Cape Cod. During this session, our seasoned designers will assess your lot and talk with you about your needs, preferences, and wishes. You’ll be given a couple of professional ideas and tips, in order to make your new home construction a success.

    2. Customized design

    After we take your budget and input into consideration, we’ll draft the initial blueprints for your new construction on Cape Cod. You’ll review the detailed drawings and 3D renderings, and we’ll work together to tweak and optimize them. Eventually, we will end up with the ones that are fully in line with your requirements. Once you give us a green light for the final draft, our team will prepare a Construction Contract Agreement. With your signature on this document, the work on your new construction project can start.

    3. Construction works

    Your new home construction will be carried out using high-end equipment, durable materials, and tried-and-true methods. We use quality materials to ensure your new house lasts for years to come. Our crew of custom home builders is skilled at conducting a variety of tasks, so every aspect of your project will be handled with professional care. We ensure your satisfaction with the results and with your approval, we’ll gladly include your project in our online gallery.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      When you decide to pull off a new home construction, before you call local contractors near you, you’d need to begin with an initial design. These are the steps that can help you complete this phase of your project:

      • Determine your budget. This is the essential part of designing your home, although the least creative.
      • Pick the style of your future home. This includes picking the style of exterior walls, as well as the interior structures. Here’s where you can get truly creative.
      • Customize the project. Consider your lifestyle and unique requirements, and try to implement them in the project, so that you’re completely satisfied with the outcome.
      • Compose a brief for our home builders. It would be helpful if you had the plan in writing, so you could discuss it with the architect or design build team.
      • Draft floor plans. With the help of the experts, you can start to create an initial layout for each floor.

      Once you have a clear idea and plan where and how you’d like to build your new home, you should start by assembling your local crew of general contractors and custom home builders in Cape Cod. They will start the new construction project by acquiring the necessary permits and fine-tuning the design. They will follow these steps to complete your project:

      • Prepare construction site
      • Level the site
      • Install footings
      • Pour the foundation
      • Prepare rough plumbing, electrical, and HVAC
      • Install insulation
      • Complete drywall installation and interior fixtures

      Once this initial phase is complete, our custom home builders will finish interior trim and install the driveway and walkways.

      There are a great number of factors that can contribute to the final price of your new home construction in Cape Cod. First off, there’s the size of the project, the number of stories, special features, and materials you’d use to build it. Secondly, there’s the cost of the labor, permits, insurance, and necessary equipment. To get an accurate and transparent estimate, contact Cape Property Pros today!

      The time needed for a new construction can greatly vary, as your project could involve a single-story or a two-story house, multiple bedrooms, or a lofty living room space. The main factor that will dictate the duration of the home construction is the size and complexity of the layout. Moreover, there could be additional tasks that your house builders need to do in order to safeguard the stability of the structure. To get a better grasp of the timeline for your Cape Cod project, reach out to us and we’ll provide you with an estimate.

      Cape Property Pros is the leading  home construction company in the area. This ensures that we have everything you need to carry out your project in line with your requirements. Whether your plan is to build a vacation home or a big family mansion, you can count on our team of new home builders to handle your project with diligence and accuracy. In addition, building a brand new family home is just one of the ways we can assist you. Feel free to give us a call if you’re looking for:

      Our clients in Sandwich, Truro, and other settlements on Cape Cod can trust our company to deliver the best experience. Whether you need a light renovation, an extensive remodel, or a full-on build from start to finish, we have you covered.
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