Pros and Cons of Painting Siding Vs Replacing Siding


As proud homeowners, we do everything we can to keep our property as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Unfortunately, our siding will fade after years of exposure to the elements. At this point we’re faced with a situation: do we replace the siding or should we paint it?

Throughout this article we’re going to run through the pros and cons of painting vs. replacing the siding. We’re going to talk about the right way to paint siding and the factors that would steer you toward replacing your siding rather than simply painting it.

Siding is one of your home’s main components: in addition to protecting your home’s structure from elements, it defines the look and feels. As it will wear out or become damaged over time, it is very important to replace or update your siding.

The Advantages of Installing New Siding

This part of your home can wear out or become damaged over time. It is essential to replace and update your siding. You also have the option of painting to give it a new look. Installing a new siding is one of the options preferred by many. Here are the benefits.

Increase the Property Value of Your Home

Installing new siding in your home is a pretty big investment, but it is an investment that makes a considerable profit. Installing  good quality fiber cement siding in a home is known to yield an 84.3% ROI.

If you plan to sell your home in the future, replacing your siding may go the most in adding value to your home. The new siding will not only make it better and more modern but also protect your home from possible structural damage caused by the weather. You will be able to sell it for a significantly higher price with new siding.

Enhance the Attractiveness of Your Home

Along with improving your home’s structural integrity, giving your home a striking new look with siding replacement can dramatically increase curb appeal. It will make your home look brighter and better, even if the siding update is the only thing you’ve changed about it.

Another great part of replacing siding is that you can completely change the color – or even the entire look – of your home. Later, you can add some additional architectural details to enhance the fresh look of your home further.

You should note that a lighter color or shade will help avoid the pull of heat from the sun, which can minimize your utility bills.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Even if you are not currently thinking about selling your home, this is an advantage we can all get. New light-colored siding can lower your energy costs. This benefit is only compounded when you add increased thermal insulation to the exterior walls.

Repair Invisible Structural Damage to Your Home

It is not uncommon for homes to suffer structural damage under the siding. This damage can result from rainwater seeping through cracks around the windows, which can lead to cracks in the drywall. When you hire a competent contractors to replace siding, you can also ask them to inspect and repair any structural damage lurking behind the old siding.

Paint Your Home Less in the Future

Finally, new siding usually does not require new painting for a long time. And when it is finally time to repaint it, it should hold the paint much better than the old siding. This means you don’t have to use as much paint or paint as often.

Painting Siding Vs. Replacing Siding

As you’ll see below, we outline the various reasons you would paint your siding rather than replace it. You’ll also see reasons why you wouldn’t want to paint your siding and why replacing it makes the most sense.

Painting Siding:


  1. Cost: Painting the siding is much cheaper than replacing it.
  2. Color choices: Sidings may not have many color options, but you can find a unique color in paint hues.
  3. Time: Whether you hire a professional or paint yourself, it will take less time than replacement.


  1. Doesn’t last long: Even the best quality paints will fade away or peel off.
  2. Won’t hide any damages: Paint won’t correct/cover damaged spots. The spots can cause mold and nesting.
  3. Appearance: Even with high-quality paints, it cannot beat the sophisticated look that replacing a siding gives.

Siding Replacing


  1. Better appearance: It gives a more sophisticated and beautiful look to your house.
  2. Higher resale value: By replacing the siding, you can gain 90% of your home’s cost while selling it. It attracts potential buyers.
  3. Energy efficiency: An added layer of insulation while replacing the siding can keep your home warm in winters.


  1. Expensive: It costs more due to high-quality materials and installation processes.
  2. High maintenance: The siding is flexible, so it can wrap and bend if it’s not well-maintained.
  3. Limited color options: The variety of colors available is limited.

Re-Siding Your Cape Cod Home the Right Way

Cape Cod homes usually have cedar shingles, painted clapboards, or panels used as siding. Some people cover it with vinyl siding. Vinyl may require minimal maintenance but wood gives it that attractive appearance.

If your home is covered with vinyl, you can reveal the wood siding and give it a stunning appearance by repainting and washing it. You cannot replace the beauty of the wood. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • It should be painted every 5 to 10 years to prevent insect damage and rot.
  • Its starting point should be not less than 6 inches from the ground.
  • You should replace the damaged planks.

Tips for Painting Siding

Siding panels can indeed be painted. How can this be done? It is best to use urethane acrylic paints for such a case. Also, specialized latex paints, which are usually used for outdoor use, are perfect for this function. Specialized paint for siding also exists, but it costs a lot of money, and it is practically possible to find it.

For painting, siding paint is used 100% acrylic, urethane-acrylic, or latex and no other! Why these two kinds? Because they, just like our beloved PVC material, can expand in the sun and contract in low temperatures. Accordingly, this process will take place together, which means that cracks will not appear on the decoration. It will not flake off.  The stages of work include:

  • Facade cleaning. Do not skip this step at all. Before painting, the siding must be cleaned. It is often enough to wash off the accumulated dust with water simply. Do it with a garden hose, or wash the siding with a pressure cleaner.
  • Preparation of walls finished with PVC siding for painting. This stage consists of two parts: first, you need to glue and hide all the elements that do not need painting (lamps, sockets, gutter brackets, and planks if you want to paint them in a different color) using molar tape. Secondly, the surface must be primed. Many people ignore this rule. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that. The paint will not peel off. Nevertheless, I would follow all the recommendations of professionals.

5 Reasons Your House Paint Fainted

  1. UV rays absorption break down the pigmentation of the paint.
  2. Poor color selection- colors like red, blue, and yellow absorb UV rays fast
  3. Rainy weather conditions can also make your siding paint fade, especially when the droplets land on a specific surface.
  4. Old age. The paint on your home’s siding will start fading after some years.
  5. Flat sheen also absorbs more UV rays, resulting in the breakdown of the pigment.

Painting vs Replacing Your Siding: Which is the Best Option?

Factors to consider before making a decision on painting or replacing siding

Both painting and replacing your home siding have their set of benefits. Several reasons might also force you to choose either of the two. Some of the factors you have to consider include the age of your sidings, aesthetic appearance, cost of painting vs replacing, and the condition. Fortunately, we’re here to help you make the right decision based on your unique situation.

If your siding is still in perfect condition but with faded paint, then you can repaint it. Replacement is an ideal option for worn-out siding materials. If you still have questions, talk to a siding contractor and get an inspection. That will help you make a fact-based decision about the steps you need to consider next.

Choose Cape Property Pros for your siding replacement. Contact us today and let’s talk about your options.