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Impactful Bump-out Addition Services on Cape Cod

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Ready to give your home a makeover?

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Here at CPP Home Builders & Remodeling, we pride ourselves on being the most trusted builder of bump-out additions on Cape Cod. With years of expertise under our belt, our designers and remodeling specialists can help you realize whatever type of home improvement you desire. We specialize in small home additions, including custom kitchen and bathroom expansions, adding a home office nook or a laundry room to your existing space, and more. Get your free consultation today and begin your journey to a more functional home.

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A vision that reflects your taste & matches your lifestyle

Whether you need a little more space or you’re looking to reshape an existing area, count on our team for fully personalized bump-out additions that will bring your vision to life. As a result of our partnerships with reliable brands and suppliers, we offer a wide selection of styles, materials, shades, and finishes so you can design a home you’ve been dreaming about.

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cape cod building contractors

Bump-out additions contractors on Cape Cod bring maximum results

We have the knowledge and skills needed to make your home on Cape Cod fully up to your family’s needs in case you intend to stay there for years to come. With our team of knowledgeable designers and skilled bump-out addition builders, the construction process will be carefully handled at every turn. Once we have discussed every detail of your project with you, we’ll develop comprehensive plans and start work right away. Let us know what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

Boost the value of your home with experienced bump-out additions company

A professionally designed and built bump-out can dramatically alter the functionality and aesthetics of a house. At CPP Home Builders & Remodeling, we assist you at every stage of your property expansion project on Cape Cod, so you get not only a more valuable property on the market but also a plethora of advanced features. Among these are floor heating systems, SMART systems, inbuilt lighting, accessibility features, modern security systems, etc.

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Bump-out addition services based on a systematic approach

Experiencing a seamless home improvement

1. In-home consultation

We’ve created a client-friendly process that begins by scheduling a consultation in your home on Cape Cod. During this meeting, our remodeling specialists will assess your current space, discuss your plans and ideas and give you suggestions so you can make the most of your future bump-out addition.

2. Personalized design

We’ll create a few different designs based on the information gathered during the preliminary consultation. We’ll revise and refine these early ideas based on your feedback in our second meeting. Afterward, it’s just a matter of setting a budget, choosing a starting date, and signing a Contract for Construction.

3. Construction

Our bump-out additions contractors will use proven methods, modern hardware, and durable, time-tested materials to complete the project. Our team will provide you with the necessary permits and approvals, and we’ll ensure that every detail of your project complies with the ongoing laws and regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. But how you do this is something you should examine closely. Here are some of the common regulations to follow when working on a bump-out project across Cape Cod

  • Defining the buildable area
  • Equipment and materials needed for construction
  • Regulations applicable to your area

You can also contact CPP Home Builders & Remodeling for help. We are the leading bump-out addition company and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

Bump-out additions offer great returns on investment, and not only because they boost property value. In fact, they provide extra living space for your home on Cape Cod and improve your quality of life.

No matter if you need an ADU, kitchen, bathroom, or something else entirely, feel free to contact us and discuss your ideas.

A bump-out addition‘s cost for your Cape Cod residence will be affected by several factors, and these include:

  • Your property’s current state
  • What type of addition you’d like to make
  • Addition size and style
  • Your choice of contractors

For a more accurate assessment, we’re here to provide on-site consultation and give you an idea of how much your addition could cost.

A bump-out is a small addition to a house that increases its total square footage. Although these add-ons usually take up between two and fifteen feet of space, they can be one or two feet small or as large as a single room.

Yes! Having a bump-out will not only add to your property’s value, but it will also enhance the curb appeal of your home on Cape Cod. A bump-out will be an eye-catching addition among boring flat walls.

Yes. Property expansion is a complex construction project that shouldn’t be undertaken by a layperson. To ensure the bump-out addition on your home turns out exactly as you want it, hire dependable designers and remodelers, like our team at CPP Builders & Remodeling.

Any home improvement project can be a lot to take on, so it’s best to do some preparation. Once you’ve figured out that you want a bump-out on your home on Cape Cod, here’s what you can do before the actual work starts:

  • Set a budget
  • Find qualified & experienced home addition contractors
  • Move your valued belongings to a safe area or storage unit
  • Update your security system just in case
  • Take before and after pictures
  • Make plans for activities you won’t be able to do during the construction (e.g., doing meal prep or showering elsewhere)

As a leading authority of home renovation and expansion services on Cape Cod, CPP Home Builders & Remodeling is dedicated to making your dream home a reality. Perhaps you’d like to make your house more attractive with a sunroom, add a cozy family room to your home or upgrade your space with the right suite addition? We can do all that, and more.

Our no-obligation consultation for your personalized home addition service is just a phone call away. No matter if your property is located in Hyannis, Woods Hole, or elsewhere in the area, we’re at your disposal. Contact us today!