6 Ways to Improve Your Home Insulation


Notice your heating and cooling bills going through the roof, especially during those chilly winters and hot summer months? If so, there’s a good chance your home isn’t adequately insulated. Whether you’re in the midst of remodeling or just settling in, bringing up insulation with skilled new home builders gives you a golden opportunity not just for immediate comfort, but for long-term savings and eco-conscious living on Cape Cod and the area. 

However, if you’re wondering where to begin, definitely check out our guide. You’ll learn about some straightforward steps you can take to make your home—and your life—a bit better.

How can I increase insulation in my house?

Increasing insulation during a remodel is a smart move to boost your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Here are several strategies to consider:

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Start with an energy audit

Before making any insulation changes, let’s first figure out what’s going on in your home energy-wise. This process involves identifying current insulation levels, pinpointing weak spots, and deciding on the insulation that best suits your climate and home structure. For many, this stage reveals surprising gaps in insulation coverage—areas where heat and cool air escape unnoticed.

Seal gaps and leaks

You’d be amazed at how much energy slips away through the little gaps around windows, doors, and various other areas. Sealing these leaks with some caulking and weather stripping is a simple and super affordable fix. It’s one of the quickest wins you can get when it comes to saving energy.

Invest in high-performance windows and doors

It’s important to remember that those old single-pane windows and worn-out doors are really bad at keeping the heat in (or out). Think about switching them up for double or triple-pane windows that have this special low-E glass, and maybe swap out the old doors for newer, energy-saving ones. Sure, it might feel like a big step, but in the grand scheme of things, it pays off by cutting down on your energy bills in the long run.

Get a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are a savvy pick for keeping your home cozy. They let you dial in the exact temperature you want in any room. Plus, they’re super convenient because you can sync them up with various gadgets through apps. This means you can tweak your heating with pinpoint accuracy from anywhere, saving you some cash. It’s also a breeze to program heating schedules, so you’re not just blasting heat non-stop, which is definitely kinder to your wallet.

Change your curtains or blinds

Switching to thicker curtains or thermal blinds is an easy win for keeping your rooms warmer. Make a habit of drawing them shut as evening falls to lock in the heat. There’s a huge variety of options out there, so finding something that fits your space is a breeze. With so many styles and options out there, it’s one of the simplest yet effective ways to boost your home’s coziness.

Install carpet underlay

If you’re setting up in a new place or diving into a major remodel, you could consider the pricier route of getting thermal insulation put into your floors. For an even more wallet-friendly move, filling any drafty spots on your floor and throwing down some rugs can also make a big difference in keeping your home toasty.

Where in Cape Cod can I find experienced new home builders

Where in Cape Cod can I find experienced new home builders?

Remember, the specific strategies that will be most effective depend on your home’s current condition, your climate, and your budget. At CPP Builder, we bring together a team of experts who are not only insured and vetted but also equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the best materials available. Our commitment to eco-friendly building practices means you can relax, knowing we’re creating a sustainable and efficient home for you and your loved ones. Feel free to get in touch, no matter if you live near Cape Cod Gateway Airport or elsewhere in the area.