Premium Windows & Doors to Suit Your Cape Cod Home

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Ready to give your home a makeover?

Ready to give your home a makeover?

CPP Home Building and Remodeling Offers Premium Window & Door Products

At CPP Home Building and Remodeling we offer superior window and door replacement to fit your style and budget. Our expert carpenters provide the skilled detail work that makes the difference between a cheap “pop-and-drop” and a solid, attractive replacement that will add beauty to your Cape Cod home and help cut energy costs.

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Cape Cod Windows and Door Replacement

When Cape Cod homeowners want to invest in a window replacement or new exterior doors, they turn to the services of the award-winning team at CPP Home Building and Remodeling. We’re proud to offer high-performance doors and windows that enhance curb appeal and provide years of easy-maintenance performance.

We also provide flawless door and window installation backed by industry-leading warranties—but don’t take our word for it; the positive testimonials of our many happy customers speak for themselves!

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Our Top Window Manufacturers

New windows add value, style, and energy efficiency to your home—as long as you choose high-performance windows like the ones installed by CPP Home Building and Remodeling. We insist on only the best for our customers, so we proudly offer windows from top brands like Andersen and Marvin.

With free design assistance, award-winning service, and flawless installation, you can be sure of enjoying the results delivered by our team for many years. Whether you’re installing a single-window feature or replacing every window in your home, our large selection makes it easy to find the perfect style for every room in your home.

Learn More About Windows and Doors for Your Cape Cod Home

Windows and doors play key roles in reducing overall energy costs in your home. Quality replacement windows and doors can help you save up to 30% on heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Newer, energy-efficient windows such as those with Low-E coatings can dramatically improve heat retention in the winter and reduce cooling loss in the summer. Energy efficient windows and doors also help control overall moisture and condensation to enable you to maintain a comfortable humidity level in your home year-round.

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Refresh Your Space With New Door Installation

Entry Doors

You can choose entry doors made of wood, vinyl, steel, aluminum or composite. When people walk into your home, the front door is one of the first things they see. Make a good first impression and explore a new entry door today!

Interior Doors

You can replace your old, flat chipboard interior doors with attractive raised-panel doors in a wide range of materials, colors, styles and hardware.

Custom Door Installation

Whether you want to open up a current area to fit a larger door or want a custom door style, we are the professionals that get the job done correctly. Our seasoned specialists come equipped with decades of experience and understand firsthand what it takes to run these projects successfully.

Sliding Glass Doors

Improve the look of your home both inside and out with a new sliding glass or French patio door. Enjoy convenient access to your outdoor living space, ample natural light and great ventilation when you install a new patio door.

Transform Your Home with The Help of Accomplished General Contractors.

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New windows and the many benefits of installing them in your home

New windows are built more solidly than what was produced years ago, which means new windows are going to solve those draftiness issues.

New production processes and materials, such as low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, have substantially improved how windows are made today. You’ll feel it in the air, but you’ll also see it in your lower utility bills.

Old, inefficient windows can be a deal-killer in real estate. However, with new windows in your home, you’re going to see improved resale value. By some accounts, the ROI can be a whopping 81 percent.

From improved childproofing designs to better locks to more damage resistant glass, today’s windows are far more safe and secure than those of yesteryear.

One of the single most effective ways to reduce allergens in your home is to install new windows. The airtight design in today’s modern windows keeps pollen, spores and dust from entering your home.

Some window manufacturers can guarantee a 90 to 95 percent noise reduction. Advancements in window pane materials have helped manufacturers churn out windows that muffle the outside noise.

There are a variety of styles being produced today, which means if you have a particular look in mind, you can enhance your curb appeal with a new set of windows.

Old windows are so difficult to clean that most homeowners either completely neglect this chore or they hire expensive professionals to do it for them. New windows are designed for easy access, which means easy cleaning and maintenance.