3 Smart Kitchen Trends in 2021


The old saying "work smarter not harder" applies in buckets when it comes to slaving away in the kitchen. Technology has entered the kitchen in full force and not just in the form of fancy gadgets and appliances. Today, you...

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Ultimate Guide to Home Additions


Ultimate Guide to Home Additions You love your Cape Cod neighborhood! You’ve got fantastic neighbors; your kids love their school and their friends. Maybe you’ve been in your home for a long time, or maybe only a few years. Whatever...

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5 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen


Are you wondering if it’s time to remodel your kitchen? Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for years or maybe you recently bought your home. The truth is that remodeling your kitchen has many benefits. The kitchen isn’t just a...

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Home Addition: Build Up Vs. Building Out


When considering a home addition, at Cape Property Pros we are frequently asked whether it is better to go “up” with a second floor addition, or go “out” with a ground floor addition. There are few factors to consider before deciding between building up or building out. Here,...

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