Home Addition: Build Up Vs. Building Out


When considering a home addition, at Cape Property Pros we are frequently asked whether it is better to go “up” with a second floor addition, or go “out” with a ground floor addition. There are few factors to consider before deciding between building up or building out. Here,...

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Pros and Cons of Painting Siding Vs Replacing Siding


As proud homeowners, we do everything we can to keep our property as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Unfortunately, our siding will fade after years of exposure to the elements. At this point we’re faced with a situation: do we replace the...

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Choosing Experienced Siding Contractors in Cape Cod


Your siding speaks volumes, and it is one of the most important features of any beautiful home. The need for a professional siding contractor cannot be overemphasized because of its invaluable benefits. This is why you need an experienced siding contractor like...

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Home Addition – 7 Ideas To Increase your Square Footage


It’s no surprise that any addition to a home can boost the value of the property, as well as increase the livable square footage and overall appearance of the house. From small upgrades and add-ons, to major room additions and installations - there...

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